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Premium Services and Costs

Nedgroup Private Wealth Stockbrokers` services for which a fee is charged, include:
Safe Custody and Administration Fee: An administration fee covers the total cost of managing your scrip in safe custody.
Premium services:

. Real-time Prices: If you are an active trader and want unlimited access to the pricing information from the JSE, then you need to subscribe to our real-time product.

. Research: The research facility includes research from the strategy department of Nedgroup Private Wealth Stockbrokers and includes research that we purchase from several other Research houses.

. Complete Service: The complete service includes both live prices and research.

Exemption Policy

Customer that subscribe to our subscription services will be exempt from the cost of these services if one or more trades are executed on the account during a calendar month.

As an account holder you may subscribe to our Basic Services free of charge. These include portfolio management tools, the ability to trade online, access to some of our research, share prices delayed by 15 minutes and market news.

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Full Access to Both Research and Live Prices

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