At Nedbank Private Wealth, our Stockbroking Division provides a full service execution and advisory offering across a comprehensive range of listed securities, delivered through personal relationships and mobile channels to the high-end client. Our stockbroking advice and house view portfolios are informed by an active, opportunistic, but valuation-driven investment process supported by our dedicated research team.

Our stockbroking services will offer you:
Personalised access to your own professional stockbroker that looks after you and your share portfolio.
Immediate market insights and a wealth of research and trading expertise that you can act on or instruct us to act on, on your behalf.
Multiple ways to interact and invest - via your stockbroker, online or via your mobile.
Proprietary, in-depth, individual stock research and updates.
A personalised portfolio of listed securities only.
A wide choice of services dependent on your stockbroking needs – discretionary, advisory and execution only; we manage on your behalf, we advise and you instruct us or you instruct us directly on your behalf.

Our stockbroking capability is ideal for you if you wish to invest in:
A house-view portfolio that is relatively high conviction and contains a concentrated portfolio of listed stocks.
Sophisticated investment instruments such as futures, options, contracts for difference and other derivative instruments traded on the JSE.
Any listed security internationally
A personalised portfolio of equities

It also suits those who want to have:
A more direct approach when deciding on which shares or instruments to trade or invest in for the long term. The daily insights, more frequent contact and access to proprietary research and trading ideas on a regular basis so that you can be involved in the decisions.

How we can help you grow your wealth
Our stockbroking team are active in the market every day and relentlessly pursue opportunities to assist you in growing your investments.

In order to help you get the most out your investment, we will:
Develop a clear understanding of your share trading and/or listed investment goals as well as your appetite for risk.
Provide you with varying insights and information on a frequency to meet your needs.
Meet your need to either be involved in daily decisions, or not.
Offer you a personal service and customised stockbroking service – either access our managed, pro-actively advised and execution only accounts, invest in listed stocks, derivatives, or gear against your portfolio.
Utilise the services of our in-house, highly-skilled and experienced research team to support the stockbroker that will have a personal relationship with you.

What to expect from us
Our stockbroking service is based on a close working relationship with you. From this relationship, we can put your individual stockbroking requirements, preferences and risk tolerance at the heart of what we offer. With us, you can be assured to receive:

Personalised attention and support
The first thing we do is establish what your goals, level of involvement and risk appetite are, and assign a qualified and experienced stockbroker to you. This ensures that we get to know your needs and also gives you a direct access point for all your stockbroking requirements. Thereafter, we focus on what you want to achieve and how we can tailor our service to help you.

Access to immediate expertise, a sophisticated range of stockbroking products and investment insights
We match our range of stockbroking services with your investment goals and partner with you to achieve those goals. Within the broader Nedbank Private Wealth team, we also have the specialised services to analyse and structure your full balance sheet, income statement and cash flows irrespective of the investments that you currently hold.

How to engage with us
Our core service is stockbroking, trading and managing shares on your behalf. Depending on how involved you wish to be in each buy/sell decision, you can choose one of these three ways to invest with us:
Discretionary: You give us the discretion to manage on your behalf towards an agreed strategy.
Pro-actively advised: We provide you with advice and ideas and only execute the decisions we agree on.
Execution only: We act on your requests rather than provide you with advice.

Each approach provides a different level of relationship, advice, service and cost. In addition to the above, we are also able to meet your share trading needs by providing:
Our research team is dedicated exclusively to Nedbank Private Wealth. and proprietary fundamental research on the Top 100 JSE listed counters.
Technical research and trading ideas that may fall outside the risk/reward bands of our longer-term managed investment strategies.
Online trading services to execute trades as you make them across selected shares
Your stockbroker can trade any listed security on most exchanges around the world on your behalf.
A full range of derivative products and services for more sophisticated investors including Singles Stock Futures, Contracts-for-Difference. Currency and other futures contracts.
Leverage via carry accounts (access to finance using your shares as security) and bear-sales accounts (scrip borrowing and sales on the expectation that the underlying price will decline).
Structured products.
Cash Management where cash balances are invested with the JSE Trustees and at a minimal charge, will earn interest at competitive money market rates

Access to immediate expertise
Our stockbroking services are diverse to cater for a range of needs. When you invest with us, you will receive access to:
The immediacy and growth potential of trading in listed securities and professionally managed direct exposure to shares in your portfolio.
Active and informed investment decisions based on our share-trading expertise and research, which is supported by our proprietary, in-depth fundamental analysis (not ‘tips’) to complement your longer-term managed investment holdings.
Direct exposure to a range of underlying investment instruments such as Single Stock Futures, over-the-counter derivatives and bear-sale facilities.
Most listed securities across the globe.

Transparency and accountability
When you choose to invest with us, we make it our business to keep you informed and 'in the know' at all times with:
Monthly statements and portfolio valuations that include investment quantities, costs, market values, yields and changes in holdings.
Regular newsletters reviewing the international and local economies, major stock and financial markets.
Face-to-face updates to provide context and insights.
Investment presentations held periodically throughout the country.

Online excellence
We constantly strive to provide our clients with the most advanced software on the Internet and are proud to offer an efficient and 100% secure interactive online trading capability should you wish to trade on your own.

Through our website, we are able to provide a vast amount of relevant information to clients. You can access research and advice on most of the JSE listed companies as well as global and economic analysis. The site contains a complete database of information on all listed companies, real time access to JSE market information and data from SAFEX and the SA Bond Markets. In conjunction with Profile Media, we also provide international market information, commodity prices and exchange rates. You can even customise your online profile for immediate access to the information you regularly seek.

Please get in touch to talk to us about accessing exciting investment opportunities to grow your wealth.


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