We constantly strive to provide our clients with the most advanced software on the Internet and are proud to offer an efficient and 100% secure interactive online trading capability should you wish to trade on your own.

Through our website, we are able to provide a vast amount of relevant information to clients. You can access research and advice on most of the JSE listed companies as well as global and economic analysis. The site contains a complete database of information on all listed companies, real time access to JSE market information and data from SAFEX and the SA Bond Markets. In conjunction with Profile Media, we also provide international market information, commodity prices and exchange rates. You can even customise your online profile for immediate access to the information you regularly seek.

Our website offers you the facility to execute trades on a real-time electronic basis, allowing you to review online the status of your orders in the order book with no intervention required by any of our investment advisors.

You can review the status of your stockbroking portfolio online whenever it is convenient.